Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bind Off Techniques

I'm looking for some YouTube videos on knitting techniques. I know what I want and am too lazy to make a YouTube video myself. I thought why reinvent the wheel when someone has already made a video of the technique I want to demonstrate.

Here is one but not quite what I was looking for but it is one version of the Single Crochet Bind Off:

 As I was searching around for different bind off's online I ran across this one which looks kind of interesting. I have not tried it out yet so I can't really review it here. The video is clear and explained nicely by Liat Gat of "KNITFreedom". She calls it "Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off-A Stretchy Invisible Bind Off".

She is knitting on toe up socks and this bind off is meant to be the end of k1, p1 ribbed top of a sock. She is also knitting two socks at the same time with the "Magic Loop" technique. For me I knit socks in a different style so I will probably have to modify this.

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